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After hearing other farmers talk about ridge-till farming, Brady and Harvey decided to try their hand at it in 1979. When searching for equipment, they couldn’t find anything that was light enough to skim the top of the ridges. Brady, with his background in mechanical design, sat down and created his own blueprint for the attachments. The attachment included double-disk row cleaners and a stabilizing gauge wheel on parallel linkage. The linkage hung on the planter tool bar ahead of the units and could be lifted hydraulically. A bracket for sweeps instead of double-disk cleaners was optional. The new equipment worked great the first year.

By fall, neighbors were stopping over to take a closer look. Some of them even wanted their own set. Brady and Harvey began building in their shop, and by winter they manufactured about 100 rows of their attachments under the B&H Manufacturing label. By 1981, they began mass manufacturing ridge-till planter attachments.

B&H Cultivators were first manufactured in 1990. We continue to produce cultivators from 4 rows to 36 rows with row spacing to match any operation. B&H cultivators are being used throughout the central United States for a variety of crops. The most common uses are corn and soybeans, but have also been used for sugar beets and cotton.

The summer of 1997 marked the beginning of production of B&H Fortifiers. This product allows for controlled placement of fertilizer within a blackened-stripped mound of soil. Benefits of using a B&H Fortifier include: exact placement of fertilizer, the ability to clean for possible earlier plant dates, soil temperatures rise faster, and you save on fertilizer input costs.

In 2001, their focus shifted to a new scene. After purchasing Schweiss Inc. (producers of lawnmowers and snowblowers), the desire to create a more sleek, contemporary design was now underway. It wasn’t until the summer of 2003 that the Jazzer product-line was born.

In 2006, B&H began manfacturing a new product based off the Jazzer mower – the Yard Shark.

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