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We produce a wide-range of heavy-duty, quality equipment; ranging from cultivators, fortifier fertilizer units, snowblowers, lawn mowers. Customer satisfaction is essential; always striving to bring you the most innovative products, with consumer cost in-mind, to suit your very needs (whether it be at your home, or in the field).

B & H Manufacturing’s farm and agriculture equipment includes strip-till equipment, fertilizer attachments, fertilizer openers, fertilizer row cleaners, row crop cultivators, zero turn mowers and rear mounted snow blowers.The summer of 1997 marked the beginning of production of B & H Fortifiers. This product allows for controlled placement of fertilizer within a blackened-stripped mound of soil. Benefits of using a B & H Fortifier include: exact placement of fertilizer, the ability to clean for possible earlier plant dates, soil temperatures rise faster, and you save on fertilizer input costs.

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