phone: 800-240-3288

Have a custom part you need made?

Our shop is willing to do the job you need done and has the following capabilities:
  • Steel cutting – We can order the steel you need or work with what you bring us. Many sizes are already available and in stock.
  • Lathe and mill work – We have a range of CNC machines and skilled operators ready to make the parts you need.
  • Welding – If your job requires welding, we have the capability.
  • Painting – We have the capability and experience painting both large and small parts. If it needs a coat of paint, we are able to accommodate.

We can assist with any combination of the above. We can provide the steel if you require it, and if you need some CAD/design assistance, we can also work with you on that too.

For any questions or if you are looking to get a quote on a job, you can either give us a call at (800) 240-3288 or send us an email at

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