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Welcome to B&H Manufacturing, Inc.

We produce a wide-range of heavy-duty, quality equipment; ranging from cultivators, fortifier fertilizer units, snowblowers, lawn mowers. Customer satisfaction is essential; always striving to bring you the most innovative products, with consumer cost in-mind, to suit your very needs (whether it be at your home, or in the field).

B & H Manufacturing’s farm and agriculture equipment includes strip-till equipment, fertilizer attachments, fertilizer openers, fertilizer row cleaners, row crop cultivators, zero turn mowers and rear mounted snow blowers.The summer of 1997 marked the beginning of production of B & H Fortifiers. This product allows for controlled placement of fertilizer within a blackened-stripped mound of soil. Benefits of using a B & H Fortifier include: exact placement of fertilizer, the ability to clean for possible earlier plant dates, soil temperatures rise faster, and you save on fertilizer input costs.

Row Crop Cultivators

An industry leading row-crop cultivator. Rugged box-frame construction and easy adjustments resulting in more time in the field.

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Strip Till Units

Our strip-till fertilizer units offer a rigid design, with custom attachments to fit your operation or need.

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Snow Blowers

The Schweiss Rear Mount Snow Blower is built to last. It's rugged body is built to outperform its competitors, with second-to-none features.

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Jazzer 51″ Lawn Mowers

A new series of zero-turn mowers designed to outperform the best! Low center-of-gravity that can handle any terrain.

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