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9100 & 9600 Series Cultivators


B&H Manufacturing introduced the 9100 Series Row Crop Cultivator engineered to be lighter weight with rugged box frame construction. Its design made it one of the most popular high-trash, heavy-duty cultivators on the market. With precision a major concern in the marketplace, it provides incremented adjustments on all the major features. A farmer can now feel comfortable that the performance will be identical across the machine, without having to spend hours making adjustments.


Weight: With the wrap-around parallel linkages and the short units, the 9100 allows smaller tractors to lift the cultivator without the aid of lift assist wheels; considerably easier than most of its competitors’ comparable models.

Adjustments: Quick, easy adjustments to the gauge wheel and center coulter depth, and the down pressure, all with the tee handle wrench that is provided. This allows the farmer to find tune their cultivation practices in mere minutes.

Wide linkage: Full length bushings extend the life of the bushings and the cultivator, maintaining the rigidity of the units.

Quick-adjust cutaway disks: Clean up weeds better with precise depth and width accuracy across the machine with cutaway discs easily adjusted by hand.

High-residue: Center coulter does an excellent job in cutting even the heaviest trash, allowing good flow through the cultivator.

Tool bars: Heavy-duty, internally mounted cylinder allows wrap-around linkage design while allowing a 180-degree folk wing sections; narrowing the transport width of the cultivator allowing greater maneuverability. 3,000 p.s.i. tie-rod cylinders matching almost any tractor.

Tall tunnel shields: Extra-long tall tunnel top shields allow better flow and increase speed while providing the maximum protection in crops of all-sizes.

Rigid rear shank: Spring reset or strut design guarantee that the rear shank will not “cheat out” in hard ground.

Unique pitch adjustment: Pitch on sweeps is incremented, allowing for identical and precise adjustment to increase penetration or reduce slabbing.

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