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Jazzer 51″ Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Two-Year Limited Warranty

A new series of zero-turns designed to outperform the best! The plastic fuel tank under the seat eliminates fender-mounted tanks and contributes to an unequaled low center of gravity. This ultra-low center of gravity and 775-lb. weight allows it to tackle hillsides previously off limits to a zero-turn. Its clean lines and 73-1/2″ overall length reach into tighter spaces than ever before.


Weight: Honda, 20 Horsepower Engine; quiet, smooth, and plenty powerful for most all jobs.

Pump System: Design of the drive system guarantees long life: White KP Series 10cc pumps, White 280 Series RG Wheel Motors, two-gallon hydraulic oil capacity, and 1/2″ steel suction work lines; including over-sized oil filter to ensure cooler operating temps and longer life.

Drive System: Gates PowerGrip GT transmits power from the Honda power plant to the White Hydrostatic Pumps. This toothed belt system is the most efficient and durable drive that is available. Only annual inspection is required for the spring-loaded belt tensioner.

Control Panel: Control panel layout puts all engine controls at the operators fingertips. Standard instrumentation includes a combination hour meter and fuel gauge.

Rubber Deflector: Indestructible, appealing look, and easy on trees and obstacles.

Deck Adjustment: Deck height is adjustable in 1/4″ increments (1.5″-4.75″) by this CNC-machined aluminum foot peg. Polished tread-plate gives the machine a high-class look that is second to none.

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